Monday, January 27, 2014

Fortune cookie

In this project it's been difficult like I had to start over after working on it the first time. The fortunes weren't the best I even got 2 of the same ones. Now my final page for this project it shows the colors of one of my fortunes and the symbols are from other fortunes that means important things. The quote is the best fortune I thought in my mind. I struggled and disliked this project because I had no idea where to go with it. But I finally finished it and I'm proud of what I accomplished. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Art x3

This project was difficult since I didn't know what to expect from what I get. I struggled with this project a lot and was lost for most of it. The meaning of it I'd have to say is how society looks at us with judge mental eyes and sees through our lies of beauty. It was difficult to continue the work since I had no idea what direction to go. Overall though I had fun doing it and would never want to did this kind of thing again just my opinion. 

Pop art

The meaning of my pop art was for my family and my country. Since I did I symbol that means a lot to me I was able to relate to that. It was a lot of fun messing around with the color and the carving tools. I struggled at first since I carved to much but I figured out how I could make something even better than before.