Thursday, November 14, 2013

blue things

i didnt think any of the things on the table were even important in our lives. its just useless junk we dont need it to survive in our daily lives but they do help make our lives easier.

the artist

is clutter like collecting? yes it is since you have so much of one thing that it is a collection if you dont want to get rid of it. so its never really clutter.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

the candy

the candy drawing is when i had to use color pencils to make everything look more alive. and had to draw glass and make it look real and not cartoony. it was difficult but i was able to do it and now it looks great.

bycicle drawing

I learned that I really still cant draw very well, but I think I am getting there. Slowly, very slow, but I'm getting there and I will always try my best. I have learned a lot about shading and composition with this bycicle drawing.


before i even started the bike drawing. i couldn't even draw a wheel right. i also knew i had no hope until i started to draw the bike itself and well the results where kinda better.